Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) в Киеве

Киев, 17-18 октября 2017.

Класс проводится на английском.

Тренер: Angel Diaz-Maroto


Цена участия:

  • Early-bird (до 30 сентября): 850 USD
  • Normal price (после 30 сен): 950 USD 

Специальная цена для участников конференции Scrum Business Conference - 790 USD.


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О классе "Certified Agile Leadership"

The vision of Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) program is to make the values and principles of Agile accessible to every leader, regardless of prior education and experience, by making known the why, what, and how of Agile in a pragmatic and experiential approach.


What is an Agile Leader?


Since 2001, tens of thousands of leaders all around the world have been creating workplaces in the spirit of the Agile Manifesto. These workplaces were initially most evident in software development. But Agile leadership is now spreading to all parts of the organization and across all sectors of the economy, particularly as software itself has become a key driver of business success. Agile leaders are not just tinkering with the management practices that were once successful. They are creating something different — workplaces with a culture of agility and with Agile values, practices, and metrics.


An Agile leader...

  • Operates effectively amid uncertainty, complexity, and rapid change
  • Is knowledgeable about Agile values, approaches, and practices
  • Surfaces more creative solutions through increased self-awareness, a growth mindset, and engaging others
  • Aligns and empowers teams toward delivering more customer value
  • Personally integrates feedback and experiments, and adapts their ways
  • Takes a collaborative continuous-improvement approach to organizational effectiveness
  • Catalyzes change in others and facilitates organizational change

Though each Certified Agile Leadership I course varies depending on the instructor, all Certified Agile Leadership courses intend to create awareness of, and begin the journey toward, Agile Leadership. Graduates will receive the Certified Agile Leadership I designation.


Angel Diaz-Maroto
Angel Diaz-Maroto

Angel is a very energetic Agile coach who truly enjoy challenges. Putting in place Lean and Agile concepts and practices in very complex environments is my specialty and passion. As as an Agile coach, trainer, and mentor, he's supported several multinational organizations in their Agile journeys in the last 10 years.


During his 18+ years of experience in IT Angel has worked in various roles: Agile coach, R&D manager, software developer, software architect, ScrumMaster, and trainer. Angel is a CEC (Certified Enterprise Coach by the Scrum Alliance), a Management 3.0 licensed trainer. Additionally, he teaches video game production at ESNE (University of Design, Innovation and technology) and Design Thinking at LaSalle University.


Angel is also a frequent speaker having participated in more than 40 international conferences and Agile events in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

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